Thursday, 10 July 2008

New job...

Just a quick note to say I've recently made a commitment to Application Express and joined the APEX development team here at Oracle. I am very excited to work for a cracking team on a great product and look forward to blogging much more about it in the future.



John Scott said...

Great news (for the Apex community).

Enjoy the new job, and don't forget...we pay top $$$ for insider tips ;) (Just joking Joel).


Dimitri Gielis said...

Congratulations Anthony!

Stew said...


What new features are you just dying to add? How are you going to make our lives easier, more productive and lucrative? :-)

Peter Lorenzen said...


Looking forward to next time you come to Denmark to tell us about all the create stuff you have created

Patrick Wolf said...

Anthony, congratulation! Good luck with your new job!

dmcghan said...


Congratulations! Watch out for Carl though, he'll hit you over the head with a clob ;)


Johannes said...


Its fantastic news that the Oracle is expanding the Apex team. It shows that they are realizing the potential of this great product.

Anthony Rayner said...

Thanks all for the nice comments.

Stew: You'll have to wait and see!! Productivity is the key, with great productivity comes great wealth, or is it power and responsibility, I get mixed up :-)

Peter: Me too, let me know when you're planning something and I'll come over for more Aarhus local brew!

Francis said...

Congrats Anthony !

It's good to see that the APEX team is growing !