Friday, 29 August 2008

Out Now!! Application Express 3.1.2

APEX 3.1.2 is now available for download and fixes the following bugs. You can get hold of it by either:
  • Downloading the full version from OTN.

  • Download the patchset 7313609 from METALINK.
If your unsure about which download you need, please read Joel's blog. As Joel says, if your upgrading from any APEX version pre-3.1, then you'll need to use the full OTN release (which includes the version that comes pre-installed with 11gR1).

For details on future plans, please take a look at our Statement of Direction, which was updated just under 3 weeks ago with details of the 'Forms Converter' of APEX 3.2 and 'Websheets', 'Updateable Interactive Reports', 'Extensible Item Framework' and much more of APEX 4.0.

Happy patching!


Stew said...

Terrific timing for this release! We just upgraded our database instances to V3.1.1 last night! [groan]

Anthony Rayner said...


Sorry Stew, that's annoying, I hear your groan.

Hope you can patch to 3.1.2 soon!


Stew said...

If you consider 3 months to be soon, then probably yes! :-/